Affiliate Program

You run a blog, fanpages in social media, an internet forum or you have an interesting website,
we invite you to cooperate with the ZaNa Design brand.

or send us a e-mail

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

For each product sold that has been sold in our store by a link from your blog, fanpage, online forum, you will receive sales commissions.
If you want to put a banner promoting our product, we can prepare a special banner for you that matches your website.
For this purpose, please send us the banner parameters (dimension in pixels).We are open to additional cooperation, for example in the organization of competitions
(we provide products and delivery to the winners) of product tests and create special discounts for your readers.
We strive to ensure that products coming out of our workshop are of the highest quality and, above all, have a fair price.
This is confirmed by the opinions of our clients. That's why we encourage you to cooperate and promote good Made in Poland products.

We count on reliable and long-lasting cooperation with you.

How much will you earn?

The amount of commission is determined depending on the number of products sold and the commitment to cooperation.

Commission rates:

- sales up to 30 orders - 7% CPS

- sales over 30 orders - 10% CPS

- individual commission - contact us and suggest your idea for the promotion of our products.

How to do it?

- Register in our affiliate program.

- After verification, within 24 hours you will receive confirmation of account activation.

- After logging in, go to "Custom tracking codes for Partners" in the "Your tracking code" field you will find your unique tracking code.
You can also generate a link to our product with your unique tracking code.
To do this, enter product code (e.g. ZD.93) or product name (for example: WEDDING CLIPS FOR CABLE ......).
The tracking code will generate commissions regardless of which product is purchased or which product is promoted.
Anyone who clicks on your link will be automatically assigned to your tracking code.
The tracking code is active until the cookie files are removed from the reader's browser memory.

Properly embedded tracking code - exampleów-Bamboo?tracking=7042d49a9002f

- Information about the commission received is sent by e-mail each time or there is a possibility to check the current transaction history in the "View your transaction history" tab.
If you have questions about the program or a cooperation offer please write to us.




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