Face Shield Mask - Full Face Mask - Face Shield Visor - Eye and Face Protection | ZDP3

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Face Shield Mask-Eye and Face Protection

The mask requires self-assembly.

The advantage of the mask is that it has a wide, flexible elastic band that can be adjusted, making it very comfortable to wear. This is particularly important during prolonged use. In addition, the mask is very light (weighs only 69g), and at the same time durable. A much larger helmet surface (32 x 23 cm) provides better insulation from the surroundings.
The mask has no medical approvals, while the material it is made of (PET) has fire approvals and approvals for contact with food.
EU Standards 94/62 / CE and 2002/72 / CE

• The mask is reusable

• Resistant to alcohol-based disinfectants
• The stabilizing element ensures the distance between the face and the protective glass enabling air circulation and increasing comfort
• Very light weighs only 69g and Durable
• The dimension of the glass is 32/24 cm flat
• The glasses fit under the mask
• Crystal Clear
• Very simple assembly
• Two PET elements + 1 Woven Rubber included+ assembly instructions included