Terms & Conditions

Card has been issued. The guarantee is valid through 24 months and is considered in effect from the date of sale, if it not stated otherwise.

1. Promotions do not combine to apply If you store promotion, as a result of which the rebate is higher than that of coupon, the coupon is offline for the duration of this promotion.

2. Possible defects which would render device usage impossible in terms of its proper functioning and which would surface in duration of the guarantee will be taken care of in the duration of 14 work days from the date of admission into repair.

3. Any found defects should be reported to the ZaNa Design Company personally, by phone or e-mail, immediately after identification.

4. The date of starting repair services is the date of admission into the ZaNa Design Company building.

5. The duration of the guarantee is extended by the duration of the repair counted from the day of the repair service defined in point 2 until the date of receiving the device from repair.

6. ZaNa Design is under the obligation to exchange any device for a new one in case of determining a technical defect which would be impossible to repair by the repair service.

7. The guarantee does not cover losses caused by loss of data on the device and other losses caused due to the fact of product defects.

8. Repairs of defects not mentioned in the guarantee (i.e. user-made, caused by improper device usage or generally unrelated to the manufacturer) do not entitle to the exchange of the device. The guarantee does not cover mechanical, chemical, thermal or deliberate device damage and resulting device defects.

9. The guarantee ceases to be valid in case the following has been stated: repair or modification by unauthorised individuals (to perform repair services); generally self-made construction changes to the device have been applied and/or user-caused damage.

10. In case of the surfacing of defects not covered by the guarantee possible delivery costs of the serviced merchandise are paid by the customer (Complainee).

11. In another case than that covered in point 10 all delivery costs of damaged merchandise are covered by the ZaNa Design Company.

12. ZD Marcin Nasiłowski Sp. K. reserve the right to change some technical parameters of the products, as well as their possible appearance. Each possible change is aimed at improving the quality of the product. Our goal is to provide the best quality product. The company does not guarantee that the published technical data does not contain any omissions or errors.




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